make peace with your past

   Hey there! I know, I know, I missed two Sundays 😥 I’ve just had a lot on my plate and I am a really slow eater. Anyways, how was last week? Feel free to leave comments sharing how your week went.

      I came across this quote “make peace with your past so it doesn’t spoil your present” and I couldn’t agree with it more. This is something most people don’t like to discuss, maybe they made mistakes in the past that they are very ashamed of and instead of dealing with it, they stuff it in a tiny corner in their hearts and try to pretend like these things never happened. That would have been a great idea if only these things we supress stay supressed but they don’t… they usually have a way of resurfacing from time to time. So why not accept it so you can truly move on from it.

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I turned 19 last April and a thought that kept running through my mind was “oh my days! I’m getting old!” loool. Obviously, aging is inevitable but growing is not and i had to sit down and sort of do a re-cap of my past year and i was glad that i was not just aging but growing as well.

One thing i also remembered was when i was younger i would say things like “i’ll do that when i am older” or “i am too young to start making money” and stuff like that but those are all lies! The age you are now is old enough. You do not have to wait till you are 25 or 30 before you start making a difference in this world, there is this young boy who makes YouTube videos inspiring people. He is like ten years old and he inspires 30-50 year olds! (his name is kid president on YouTube if you want to check him out) he has even gotten to meet President Obama because of his videos. I also watched a couple of 5yr old Korean children playing Guitars like pros when i am still struggling with a few chords. There is even Justin Bieber who might not be a good example morally but he is just like a month older than i am and he is making millions. His money does not intrigue me, the thing i admire is the amount of hard work he had to put in at such a “young” age to get to where he is at the moment because i am sure if i was given the opportunity he got i would have thought i was too young to get it done and i would have promised to come back when i was “old enough” .

I’m not trying to put you down, i am trying to get you (and myself)to that point where if you are making excuses, “I’m not old enough” would not be one of them. I get that you might actually be too young to maybe audition for x factor but you are not too young to start learning how to play the piano for the audition. You might be too young to register your own business but you are not too young to start saving for it or to start writing down ideas for it. We should learn a lesson from Phineas and Ferb, even though the things they do are impossible (they are cartoons), the lesson is that they never for once thought they were too young to do any of them.

So in essence, if you are technically too young to do something, then start developing yourself and if you are not technically too young… Then what are you waiting for? Start! No matter how small you can, even if its just by mapping out a plan or learning that instrument or even taking courses online on that thing, whatever you can do to start, do it.

Have any contributions or questions? Feel free to leave comments, your opinions mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for reading and if you liked it don’t hoard!  lool why not share to your friends 😉 have an awesome week.

What Would You Do?

hey there 🙂 . In this post i’ll just sort of create a scenario and then i’d really appreciate it if you leave comments saying what you would do if you were in that situation.
Jenny had finally gotten married to the man of her dreams: jerry, her best friend since she was 5. The ceremony had been extravagant and eventful thanks to her mother’s wedding planning skills and her husband’s (the word sent chills down her spine) money. So extravagant and eventful that she felt like the only time she got to speak to Jerry was when she said “I do” and what a beautiful memory that was. She was walking down the hallway of the Creter Hotel, to her hotel room with all the scenes from her wedding playing back in her head like an awesome movie. She got to the room that the receptionist had said was for Mr. and Mrs. Aldorez, Mrs.Aldorez now being her. Room 321 was written in gold on the dark brown door and she stared at it for a while, tucking some loose strands of hair behind her right ear, away from her very made up face with her left hand on the doorknob. She was about to officially walk into her new life and she wanted to soak in the moment. She looked down at her dress, remembering the day she had tried it on for the first time, after trying on about a hundred and one dresses she had finally found one that she loved even before she put it on. It was a simple white dress with beads adorning the neck line and with no layers which suit her just fine. Still holding on to the doorknob, she couldnt help but imagine that this could be where their first baby would be made. The thought of being a mom sent her heart racing with joy. Being a mum is something she has always wanted to be, she remembers when she was 8 and her mum had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was “a mum” and still is.Well, she is a lawyer now but what she really dreams of being, is a mum and she was glad that she gets to be the mother of her best friends children. Jenny took in a deep breath to clear her head and opened the door. The room was decorated beautifully with red roses and scented candles everywhere. It smelled amazing as well, almost like a flower garden. The wallpaper was a calming sea blue colour and the bed was huge. everything was almost perfect but there was something wrong. her husband Jerry was backing her. hunched over and shaking his head. Jenny let the door close behind her with a light thud. Jerry’s head immediately snapped back to face her and she saw that his eyes were blood red. She stood there consumed with worry and fr, her otherwise creative mind could not even imagine what was going on. Jerry then got on his knees and began to beg her…”what is going on? did he cheat on me? after we’ve been together so long?” she thought as she began to yell at him, demanding to know what was going on and after the begging and yelling went of for what seemed to be an eternity to Jenny, Jerry managed to get the words “I am impotent” out of his mouth.
So that is the scenario, kindly leave comments telling me what you would do if you were Jenny (guys too o, just imagine Jenny was a guy and his new wife told him she was barren). Thank you for taking the time to read this 😀
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    The question “to set or not to set” is a question some boys fail to ask themselves before they ask a girl to date them, they just look at the surface and they are good to go. I met a guy on monday and on tuesday he already claimed to be in love with me and didn’t see any reason why i wouldn’t date him, he didn’t even know my last name! what if i was a psychopath or something? i know he didn’t love me obviously but the fact that people just throw that word around really annoys me (pet peeve alert lool). i strongly believe that a relationship is not a recreational activity, it is not something you should just jump into, so take your time. i know a lot of boys find my views on relationships too serious or too extreme, but i find it weird that someone will willingly go into a relationship they KNOW will end in a breakup…why subject yourself to such heartache? i am really curious, please if you know why people willingly date people they know they will breakup with in like a month please leave a comment and tell me… i really want to know.

    anyways, back to subject, i understand sometimes you might meet someone and it’ll be like you guys have known each other forever because you’ll be so compatible and you’ll have so much in common, but even at that (i know this is hard to do) you will still have to chill and spend more time with the person and actually become friends. The thing is, you might feel the compatibility but the other person might not so you have to be careful not to scare the other person away with your eagerness. one thing i have noticed(even with myself) is that when someone likes someone else, the liker (the person doing the liking) would be so full of emotions and eagerness and they usually tend to burst out all these emotions on the liked (the person they like) without pausing to find out more about the person or considering the fact that the feelings might not be mutual. haven’t you heard of guys who try to get a girl to like them for ages and when they finally start dating they only last about 2 weeks, “why does that happen?” you ask, well i believe its because he probably really liked her shape but didn’t spend enough time actually conversing with her to find out she has bad breath or maybe she was too busy noticing his abs instead of becoming his friend and finding out that he has had about ten girlfriends in one month. Basically, what i am saying is chill, don’t rush into a relationship only to rush back out, why not try to put a refreshing twist to this all too familiar dating cycle by taking time out to ask yourself “to set or not to set?” before going into anything serious…if we keep dating and breaking up as much as we do now, a time can come in the future where at least one of a girl’s bridesmaids would have dated her husband lol.

    I know the thought “what if i wait too long and the person i am interested in moves on” might cross your mind as it has mine , but i am not telling you to wait forever, i am just asking for a reasonable amount of time so you guys can at least get fond of each other but if you take a reasonable amount of time to do this and the person moves on before you get to know each other, well then maybe the person wasn’t interested in the first place…

when it comes to relationships i think i have more questions than answers but as i keep learning i’ll keep sharing 🙂 thanks for reading this, hope it helps you one way or another. Have any comments? corrections? why not leave a comment below. Have any relationship related advice? please don’t hesitate to share 🙂 i like writing about relationships because i am a romantic and i would love to see everyone genuinely happy in their relationships….really, and yes i just posted a new post not up to a month after the last one lool, i am trying out this thing called consistency, hope i can keep up 🙂 

p.s: i made the picture at the top in 5 minutes so yes i am aware it’s crap lool but i’ll get better some day 😀 


Tired of being afraid…

  Are you not tired of being afraid?….tired of not being able to start something you know you really want to do and should do, just because you’re scared?…no? Well, I know I am… I am really tired of it.

  There are sooooo many things I know I should have started doing but I have let fear stop me. Up till now, I am still surprised I even opened this blog because this is one of the major things I was completely terrified to do. I kept playing all the worse case scenarios in my head without even considering the fact that i might maybe not be good at it but at least not so bad lol. Some of the times i take so long to post is because i am afraid that it’ll be bad and everyone would hate it. Another thing i have always wanted to do is sing. Every time i see someone singing on stage i just know i should be doing that too but if someone handed me a mic? I’d probably melt right there in my sit. I have had so many opportunities to sing but ive been scared.. What if people hate it? Sometimes when i pick up a pen and my book of all things musical and try to write a song i stop after the first sentence thinking “what a stupid way to start a song” lool. According to my plans, i am meant to have started writing my book by now, i actually started last month, i wrote the first paragraph, re-read it,tore it out, closed the book i write in and have not opened it since…. Why? Because i was scared…scared the only people that would read it would be my family members only because they had to lool.

Well, i am not saying i wont be scared anymore…i know I will still get scared when i am about to start something, sing something or write something, i will still try to talk myself out of doing things i know i should do like witnessing to someone, giving someone that is obviously having a bad day a reason to smile if i can and things like that and i will definitely still think not just twice but a trillion times before i start a business…..”so, what will change?” you might ask, well even if i am terrified to my bones the difference from now on is that i wont get scared and hide, I will get scared but still go ahead and do whatever it is i know i should , even in fear, and the funny part is, as you begin to do things you’re scared of despite the fear, soon enough the fear will be gone.

  So in case you read this post and you kept thinking “this is so me” then lets do this together, let us stop letting fear decide what we do and what we don’t do and lets just do it. I am not promising that everyone will like it or that you wont fail at something at all but i personally don’t want to care anymore especially since most of the things i want to do i know God placed in my heart to do and if God wants to use me to bless just one person out of a 1000, then why should i base by decision to do something or not on the 999 people? So even if i post a video of my song on youtube and get just one like and one comment saying “i was blessed through this” then I am ok :). If the Worse case scenario happens and everybody hates my book, at least i tried, at least i put my self out there…

  So do this for me please, Think of those things you would do if fear did not exist or if there were no chances of failing…thought of something? Want to share? Then leave a comment below 🙂


P.s: i don’t mind constructive criticism, nobody is perfect and i want to keep growing and learning, so if you ever have any advice/correction to give me, don’t hesitate to leave it as a comment and my post is not trying to say you should try to get into American Idol when you know you cant sing lool I am just saying let it be that the reason you did not try out is because your loved ones have told you honestly that signing is not one of your talents, not because you were too afraid to try.


(some) Things I Learned From My Parents..


yo, yo yo! its been too long…compliments of the season! 😀 ……….i had my first intense writer’s block and i just didn’t feel like writing but i thank God that’s over. Results came like a week ago and guess what? i passed physics!!! extremely glad to be done with that, even though i worked hard, i am still too sure that it was God that got me through :). .ok, so on to the business for today.

On my way home from school, i turned on the radio and they were doing this show and the topic was things my parents thought me. I really enjoyed listening to it so i have decided to share with you stuff i learned from my parents and i would really appreciate it,if you can leave comments sharing what your parents thought you 🙂  Continue reading


This post is basically to encourage any one who is unhappy or frustrated with the point they are in, in their lives at the moment.

In my first semester in the university, I had to offer two of my worst courses ever, math and physics. I made up my mind that i was going to try my best and i thought i did but when the result for the first test came out, I was frustrated and i sort of gave up. when we wrote our exams (I thought I did ok at least) and the results came out, I didn’t even get D’s (i sort of wish i did) I got an F in both of them and i was devastated. I cried and cried because it meant i would have to be in the class the following year with my juniors and it didn’t help my GPA either. So, I did it again the next year and i passed the math (whoop whoop) but not the physics( I know responsible people don’t blame other people for their failures but i really think the lecturer had something to do with it this time, lool) I tried not to worry about it but when i resumed school this semester, it hit me hard because i had to drop two other courses to have enough space to register the physics again and that was when i broke down. I know it might not be a big deal for some people but it was a huge deal to me because i am the assistant course representative and i just felt like a terrible, terrible leader and like i won’t ever be able to make it and like i was a failure (drama queen right, lool) thankfully, the Holy Spirit helped me get through it and stopped me from drowning in depression.

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